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Target Hard-to-reach audiences to complete AdWords targeting options.

Wizdeo Analytics helps you target niche audiences on YouTube, with AdWords, to :

  • amplify an influencer video by targeting the fans who have missed his organic video
  • target families and family co-viewing audiences
  • reach niche audiences & contextual placements

To address those targets, Wizdeo Analytics offers a YouTube channels targeting list (Placements on AdWords) by matching content and audiences.

Dragon Mania use case

How multiply reach by 4 and conversions by 5 thanks to a big data influencer campaign ?

Wizdeo Analytics also helps you verify the relevance of your AdWords demographic and center of interests campaigns with a placement analysis per targeted channel during the campaign.

  • Influencer video amplification: boosting a brand content campaign ?

    When a brand content video is uploaded by a YouTuber, less than 30% of his fans watch it: their viewtime is shared between the influencer’s video and the other channels they are interested in. Targeting the remaining 70% greatly increases efficient reach !

    To boost your influencer’s video reach, you can use 2 types of AdWords campaigns:

    • A remarketing campaign with the list of audiences who watched recent videos of the influencer’s channel: this requires the influencers authorization. Wizdeo gives this access for a list of channels we work with. Contact us for more informations
    • A placement campaign on channels which share the influencer’s channel audiences. Wizdeo Analytics automatically identifies those channels and you can create your own campaign with this list.

    Those campaigns boost the reach of your video with the influencer’s fans. Plus, with AdWords, you can also filter out demographies, countries,...)not relevant to your brand, which you can’t do with organic views of a sponsored video.

    Wizdeo can also run & manage your AdWords amplification, just let us know here.

    If you don’t have a sponsored video, you can find videos of influencers talking about your brand/product (UGC) with Wizdeo Analytics and promote it with the influencers authorization.
    You can also create your own brand content video with our influencers selection tool.

  • Targeting parents of kids and babies : reaching hard-to-identify audiences ?

    Wizdeo Analytics algorithms detect, on major countries, channels whose audience is focused on parents and young parents of kids and babies audiences. With those channels lists, you can directly target these audiences on AdWords with placement campaigns influencers selection tool with a high precision.

    Wizdeo can also run & manage your AdWords amplification, just let us know here.

  • Niche targeting: addressing very fine segments

    Wizdeo Analytics detects channels which have audiences interested by a specific topic or whose audiences are interested by a topic . It provides 2 placement lists allowing you to target those niche audiences on AdWords with :

    1. one audience-relevant channel list: this allows you to target your audiences by placing AdWords ads in front of those channels’ videos through AdWords placement campaigns
    2. an expert influencer list: this list allows you to use those channels remarketing lists, if the influencers have given you access, and conduct AdWords remarketing campaigns

  • AdWords YouTube campaign analysis: analyzing your campaigns’ context

    With our AdWords campaigns analysis tool, you get a list of the YouTube channels in front of which your campaign has run. You can then check that your campaign has been brand-safe by checking in front of which content impressions and views have been focused.

    Re-use your influencers selection with Wizdeo Analytics:

    • By archiving your selections/media campaign to re-use it for the same targets/center of interests
    • By using private pre-made groups to filter your influencers result list: for example filter on those who already worked with you

Analyse your AdWords campaign placements

Import your AdWords campaign placements to analyse your targeting relevance via channels which concentrate your campaign's impressions.

Target hard-to-reach audiences

Get a list of channels to target an audience based on its niche interests or family co-viewing, young families or parents on AdWords.

Amplify a BC video or boost an expert video

Select the YouTube influencer who made your BC video or find an expert video about your brand to get relevant channels to target on AdWords.

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