Influencers selection

Select the right influencers for your brand content operations

Find your influencers through audience affinity

Finding the most relevant and efficient influencers for your dating app, your beauty products, or your video game isn't simple:

  • The most popular ones have a generalist audience, too wide for your target.
  • The ones specialized on your product segment are often too small to have a meaningful impact.
  • Or their type of video (i.e. tutorial, parody..) may not be compatible with your message.

Dragon Mania use case

Learn how to increase the reach of your campaign or how to find brand content budget for your mcn niche channels through our 2 use cases.

Find the most relevant influencers for your target audience, or the experts on your topics

Influencers expert on your topics can create well-informed content on your product, but often have a small reach

Influencers relevant to your audiences can have a wider reach, but they can be comedians, entertainers, geeks….product users, but maybe not experts

Find relevant influencers with Wizdeo Analytics

Optimize your influencers video reach & targeting with the media campaign tool.

Amplify your campaign

Find influencers by audience affinity

You know your audience center of interests : Find the most relevant influencers for that audience.

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For a turnkey campaign from the influencers selection to the results analysis with the content creation and promotion through a media campaign.
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