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TikTok Shorts TikTok Shorts
United States - Howto & Style

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@WheelchairTech channel will entertain you with satisfying videos, and brighten up your day.

🙏 Welcome to TikTok Shorts / Wheelchair Tech!
🪧 My name is Ed.
🤲♿ I am a wheelchair person with HSP (Spastic Paraplegia disease).
🏥 You can email me, and I'll tell you about my health case, I'm always happy to have friends 😇

✅ I do daily entertainment and my goal is to see you smile daily!
⌚ I upload videos and help you smile every single day! 😊
🎥 This channel is a technical hub that is not monetized on YouTube, only to spread world tech vids.
➡️ You also can send me your videos!

▶️ If you have questions or do you want me to remove a video?
Please contact me by sending an email to ► ◄ before doing anything, so we can discuss this directly. Thank you so, so much!

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For contact:
TikTok Shorts / Wheelchair Tech #shorts #satisfying #machine #tech #wheelchairtech #tiktokshorts