How to find brands to work with on YouTube

  • Can I find brands with active channels on YouTube ?

    Brands on YouTube search tool helps you identify brand channels on YouTube: the search is limited to Brands – as opposed to YouTuber – channels. There are close to 20 000 brand channels on YouTube and the list is updated on a daily basis. Brands are divided in over 20 industry groups to facilitate identification.

    The tool allows you to focus on brand channels function of performance KPIs – views, subscribers, etc –, or filtered by interests – topics, keywords, categories -, industry, or audience KPIs like demographics. You can thus easily find the really active channels on a given country, in an industry, either for benchmarking or contacting.

  • Which brands are investing on media buys on YouTube? What video ads have they been using ?

    Wizdeo Analytics allows you to find brands who are investing on Youtube paid campaigns through 2 tools:

    • Top advertisers tool enables you to have an overview of paid media on brand channels:
      • Top brands channel by paid views on YouTube, on a quarterly basis
      • Can be filtered by country and language, category
      • Possible specific focus on brand industry group: cooking, car, beauty, airlines brands...
    • Top video ad campaigns gives you the same quarterly overview, but this time per video ad:
      • Paid views for videos from brand channels, as well as natural views
      • Paid and natural views per quarter and per year

    Tips: paid views are estimates only, and restricted to video ads which are Trueview –not reserved- and which are public – not private or restricted.
  • Which brands are investing on sponsored videos on YouTube? Which YouTubers have they hired ?

    Beyond paid media, brands frequently use sponsored influencer videos as a means to get their message through by creating native content, posted either on the brand’s YouTube channel or on the influencer’s.

    The sponsored videos tool detects sponsored videos both on influencers’ channels, as well as on brands channels. You can filter results per country, category, channel groups –your competitor groups, for example-, number of views, number of subs per channel, upload date, etc., in order to find most popular sponsored videos, most recent...

    In order to find sponsored videos from specific brands, the most efficient is to type in the keyword field the name of the brand, and to check all sponsored videos: sometimes, the influencer video has been sponsored or is affiliated to several brands, so the same video may appear several times.

  • Who is increasing its presence on YouTube ?

    The Alert tool allows you to detect automatically any channels or videos from whom some KPIs (views, subscribers, evolution, number of videos, engagement), in a given period of time, cross a threshold. The perimeter of scanned channels or videos can be set initially with a filter on channel groups, so that for example you detect only brand channels, or your competitors channels, or channels from a certain category of Youtubers.

    For example, you could put an alert on the beauty brand industry group to get notified on channels when there is big increase of views on any beauty brands channel.
    You could also put an alert on a brand product/service keyword on the sponsored videos list to get notified when a new sponsored video is published !

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