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दीपिका की सास है दीपिका से ज़्यादा खूबसूरत देखकर यकीन नहीं होगा

Published on Tue, Dec 4th 2018 News & Politics Rectangular HD

Dosto Ranvir and Deepika were married on Nov. 14 at the Villa del Bablia Nello in Lake Como, Italy. Both of them had the first reception in Bangalore on November 21. On the other side, the second reception in Mumbai. Deepika-Ranvir made his second Grand Wedding party with "The Grand Hyatt" in Mumbai's 5-star hotel, not only for those who could not be present in this party, both the stars again again on December 1 special party Deep at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Deepika Ranvir wore golden and halfway dresses in the reception, friends were so busy in their love that even in front of thousands of their guests The eyes of everyone were open to the open eyes of Ranveer's mother Anju Bhawani in the reception, but she was dressed in black and golden color dresses. She looked very glamorous in this look, and she liked the look of the Anju logo, she saw her daughter-in-law playing Deepika in a beautiful reception, Anju had to make a lot of effort to handle her dress. Seeing jisko can give an idea of ​​how much it will be, friends, how do you like Deepika's mother-in-law, please like us and thank you

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