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[SEOUL X V of BTS] Seoul Edition23 - Nature in the City (Official Video)_15s

Published on Fri, Sep 8th 2023 Travel & Events Rectangular HD

#SEOULEDITION23 #V of #BTS #Nature_in_the_City #SeoulMySoul #Seoul

If you are looking for mesmerizing places in Seoul, you're in no short supply with camping spots, river sunset views, and hikes that reward you with a bird's eye view of the city.

It's all yours for the taking!

📢 Event
After watching the Seoul Edition '23: Nature in the City premiere, tell us about your favorite nature spot in Seoul in the comments below!

Winners will be selected through a random drawing. 🥳🎁

🕐 Period
September 8-14, 2023, 11:59 pm KST

📢 How To Participate
Step 1. Subscribe to the VisitSeoul TV YouTube channel and like the video
Step 2. Watch the VisitSeoul TV Seoul Edition '23: Nature in the City premiere
Step 3. Leave a comment

🎉 Winner Announcements
All announcements will be announced on the VisitSeoul TV YouTube community page on Sept. 21, 2023.

🎁 Giveaway
KRW 20,000 Google Play gift card (10 winners)

✨ #SeoulEdition23# Instagram Hashtag Event ✨
Share your best recommended place in Seoul with the hashtag #SeoulEdition23 and earn a round-trip ticket to Seoul PLUS a 5-star hotel voucher for two nights! Take a chance and you could come out a winner! 💜


⚠️ Please Note
1. Winners will be selected only among VisitSeoul TV subscribers.
2. You must maintain your subscription status and comment until receiving the prize.
3. Event scheduling and prize content may be subject to change without notice. Winner announcements and prize delivery may also be delayed due to circumstances with scheduling.
4. If we cannot establish proper contact with you and/or prize delivery issues arise due to the misentry of personal information, the prize will neither be resent nor compensated for.
5. Winners are only rewarded once despite multiple event entries.
6. Consent to the use of personal information, including name, phone number, and address, is required.

✅ Contact
For all inquiries related to the event, please contact the email address below.
- Email address:

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