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Minecraft Extreme Graphics - Sonic ether's Unbelievable Shaders V10 with water shaders ! [1080p]

Published on Thu, Jul 26th 2012 Gaming Rectangular HD

A showcase of the upcoming V10 of the sonic ether's unbelievable shaders which will feature water shader and a new light system for light source.
The video here show the water reflects and all the lightning in caves, daytime and nighttime.

You can download the mod here :
The mod is made by daxnitro, the shaders are made by sonic ether.

The shaders come from here :

The map used in the video is Eldaria island V3 by me :)
You can have it here :

- Others Mods used :
Fullscreen Windowed mod by Shoukaseikyo (very usefull)
Optifine :

The texture pack is the HerrSommer by DerSommer :

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