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बॉलीवुड के अभिनेता कादर खान के चले जाने से गोविंदा का रो रो कर बुरा हाल - kader khan passed away

Published on Tue, Jan 1st 2019 News & Politics Rectangular HD

Kather Khan, who is Bollywood's legendary actor and laughing at his comedy, has died in the Canadian hospital. Kader Khan had been ill for a long time and he was undergoing treatment for the last 17 days in the hospital. His son, Kader Khan is No More, confirmed Sarfaraz's demise. The people who wanted him, along with Bollywood, were saddened by this tragic news of the new year. Kather Khan died in the evening of Canada at 6 o'clock. Let me tell you that Kader Khan was having difficulty breathing for the last few days, after which he was admitted to the Canadian hospital. So, friends like this video for the peace of Kader Khan's soul, and share it with your friends on Facebook and Whatsapp and in the comment also write something about them Thanks

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