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Lil Peep - Godspeed (Lyrics) Prod Rellim

Published on Sat, Apr 1st 2023 Music Rectangular HD

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lil peep - godspeed prod rellim
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lil peep - godspeed prod rellim

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pull up with three hundred dollars of blow
white [*] with me, they geeking on blow
twenties and fifties, no hundreds, i don't make big money
but [*] it, you already know that, i'm stuntin' on whoever frontin' before
[*] out my face, with your company, [*]
i thought i told you i like it alone
i thought i told you, i thought i, [*]
bsmb, [*] , we aim at your face
we gon' wipe out the whole human race if they fake
drinkin' the blood and i'm saying my grace
work on the way, coming in by the case
and i'm [*] up all of these ounces today
[*] , i'm [*] up all of the songs on my tape
this [*] come easy to me, not so easy to you
i could tеll by the way that you say
that you don't give a [*] what they say, i'm likе
all of the songs that you make, is you [*] '?
i think that's by making the people is watchin'
they wanna be locked up and incarcerated, they hate it
before they thought maybe i'd make it out
not the type to fade away
i'm the type to get faded and break everything
get creative, and build it back up in a whole different way
people change up and i stay the same
no matter what day it is, just whatever i say it is

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