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FUNNY THINGS YOUR GRANDMA DOES – Relatable family musical by La La Life

Published on Sat, Aug 8th 2020 Entertainment Rectangular HD

If you love your grandma than call her and send this video to your friends!
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00:00 When grandma visits
00:22 Lunch with grandma
01:04 I love granny more than you do
01:43 Grandma is knitting for you
02:10 Grandma cleaning the house
03:05 Granny meets VR-games
03:37 Getting ready with granny
04:04 Digital menu for grandma
04:30 The new pet
04:55 Grandma gives Sue money
05:25 Granny meets Snapchat
06:14 Self-defense course from granny
07:12 Granny meets Sue's boyfriend
07:46 The scary moment
08:12 Choosing the present for granny
08:41 Tell me about your boyfriend!
09:31 The cake for granny
10:46 Tik Tok prank from granny

#fun #comedy #musical

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