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Episode 01 - The Debbie Doo Show - Transport Theme

Published on Sat, Apr 13th 2019 Education Rectangular HD This video was a live stream

Hi Everyone.

Due to us making a mistake with the time zone of the first stream we are doing a encore performance for those that missed out! If you watched the first stream this morning it will be basically the same show but we would love for you to join us anyway!

We are super excited to bring you episode 1 in our new weekly series called the Debbie Doo Show! This show is totally and completely live and aside from our featured videos nothing is prerecorded meaning you can part of it! Jump into the chat and say hi, Debbie Doo will try and say hello too as many people as possible at the end of the show.

This episode its all about transport so join the fun and tune in!

Debbie Doo.

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