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क़तर की ऐसी हरकत आपने कभी नहीं देखि होगी !! qatar travel and tourism

Published on Fri, Dec 28th 2018 Entertainment Rectangular HD

qatar travel and tourusm


Just such a strange work in Qatar

 Weird emiras that saw poverty .......,
 And seen the stereotypes that ...,
Keep looking for a coin .......,
 Then there is a blessing given to Amari that ......,

 So friends, if I tell you a country where people do not wear gold but they eat it,
So what do you believe?
Or should I say to you that a country where all the rich people live in the same country,
 So after seeing, you may be sure,

 Yes, friends are welcome, on your channel, friends, today in our video, we will tell you such a wonderful wonder or we can say, about the wonderful and richest country,
Those whom you need to know are very important,
So let us know who is the country,

 And watch this video till the end, because in the last of the video we will give you this kind of thing in this country,
 You must be surprised even by knowing about it, friends should definitely love to know friends,

 Friends are talking to us,

 In Qatar, the name of the country of Qatar is one of the countries of the rich countries,
 Where many young people of India want to make money, they want to move towards those countries where electricity is available for citizens in Qatar, all medical facilities are provided free of cost,
And this is absolutely tax free country,
These are the countries with a young population,
Where most young people live,
And here most people come to earn money,
 And here a person earns 2 times more than earning a person in America,
And coming to Qatar is the cheapest for the Indian people,
The country earns almost oil and natural gas,

And to tell you about your information, Singapore remains the richest destination after this country,
Because here they do not have to fill the text,
 So obviously,
If you have fun here,

 But even after earning enough money, these rich castes are not happy here,
Then you might be wondering why this is so good,

So let us tell you that a survey was conducted here, where it was found that most people here are not happy even after being rich,
 The reason for this is that there are mostly young boys here
Those who come from outside to work,
And live here alone,
 Because of which he may not be happy here,

 And the number of women in Qatar is quite small, but here the women are very beautiful, as if the piece of moon,

 But they have to live in a burqa, here women are not given much freedom,
As if he can do the driving, but in Saudi Arabia, women are not given much freedom in Qatar,
 And let me tell you, McDonald's burgers in Qatar are costly times more than gasoline,
 Where a burger is worth 300 rupees,
So the price of 1 liter of petrol is 16 rupees, the main reason for this is that the cultivated land in Qatar is not exactly the same.
 Or we can say that there is no farming here,
So ware is very expensive here,
Why are you not surprised that this is nothing,
Here men refuse to wear shorts,
 Can you believe it, yes, it is good and women are prohibited from wearing sliveless dress, and even in Qatar, men can not take their shirts openly,

And tell us for your information,
Like India, Qatar also used to be a slave of Britain at some point of time, but after independence in 1972, Qatar made a lot of progress,
Qatar has a total population of 2200000 out of which only 15% of the population are native to Qatar,
And the others are exotic, that is, those who come from Qatar to earn money only,

 And if the matter goes, then tell the law for your information,
In Qatar two laws are followed,
One Shariah Lowe and the other Civil Lowe,
  Where Sharia law considers the customs of the Quran,
So there, these laws are against the law to sell and buy alcohol here,
 But through the same Civil Law, there are full permissions to drink and sell liquor in some hotels,

 And the most unique thing in Qatar is that,

 Humanity is a huge treasure, ...
It's not in veneer, .....
Find in the human being ....,

And implement these things, Qatar,
Of course Qatar is a Muslim country but here all religions are respected,
There is absolutely no restriction on condemning any religion,
And if someone is caught doing this,
Then he can be jail for 7 years,

 Of course Qatar is a small country
But the FIFA World Cup played in 2022 will be hosted by Qatar only,

 So how do you feel about this video,
And what kind of thing you liked the most in Qatar tell us by commenting in the comment section,

 And friends, I'm going to tell you the names of those people,
Those who watch our videos daily,
And through continuous comments, we continue to spread our love to us,
First of all, Riyaz Ahmed Purnishvad and the second handkerchief Rocks,
Friends, if you also want to have your name in the forthcoming video, then tell us how to comment by commenting in the comment section,

 And if the video is good, then please, please share it with your friends,
And subscribe to our channel, so thank you first of all the new videos that c

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