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Moving into STEPHEN SHARER House!!

Ajouté le mar. 19 juil. 2022 Divertissement Rectangular HD


Hi Sharers and welcome back to another EPIC vlog.
Grace Sharer has caught on camera that her roommate has an evil twin. Evil roommate twin is working for the hacker. Evil roommate is trying to capture grace, to control grace sharer life for 24 hours. There is something in grace sharer house that evil twin is after, what is in the attic. We need a face reveal on evil twin And name reveal of this evil roommate. What is the evil twin searching for / sneaking around. She is on a mission. The evil twin has, controlled graces life for 24hours with pause challenge remote an Evil roommate has made a voodoo doll prank (mini grace sharer). evil twin has revealed grace sharers crush on camera. . Grace sharer was spying on the security camera to reveal the evil twins secrets. Grace sharer finds abandoned underground tunnel in her house.The hacker and evil twin have been living at grace sharer house! Today the EVIL TWIN is exposing Grace. In TODAYS vlog road trip is over and Grace sharer is moving into her new house today! It’s moving day! Get ready for a house tour of grace sharer new house! Grace sharer is pranking Stephen sharer, by sneaking into Stephen sharer house. Grace is going to turn Stephen Sharer house into a girls lounge! Will Stephen Sharer find out? What epic things should grace sharer do at the summer beach house! Plot twist Stephen sharer pranks Grace sharer! Grace has a surprise for Stephen in 1, 2, 3! That was good Sharers! 

▶︎ NEW HOUSE TOUR!! Pierson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHR5dqjUggI&t=4s
▶︎ Tiny VS GIANT Road Trip Challenge! Jstu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JONW6-9o0WI
▶︎ LAST TO LEAVE THE MOVING TRUCK!! Alexa Rivera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BNvYCKUr4w
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