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Justin Flom Justin Flom
United States - Entertainment

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Automatic summary
YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing innovative DIY projects, magical illusions, interactive installations, and creative solutions for home improvements, aiming to entertain and educate audiences seeking unique ideas and inspirations.
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Justin Flom is a spray paint artist, comedian, prankster and sometimes even a magician.

Maverick creator Justin Flom, known as a magician before entering into the realm of social media, has garnered billions of views (about 1.5 billion a month), defying trends, algorithms, and even the #1 rule of magicians. Formerly seen on tours or television tricking celebrities with his magic, Flom is dominating platforms like YouTube and TikTok, crafting content that captivates audiences worldwide. Renowned for his spray paint artistry and the whimsical “Trap-Door-House” featured in his videos, Flom’s creative genius transforms ordinary spaces into realms of fantasy and amusement. Unconventional in his approach and a true data analyst, his success lies in his ability to create what the internet likes.