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This YouTube channel is dedicated to sharing heartwarming and inspiring stories of animal rescues, unlikely friendships, and remarkable transformations. From dramatic saves to adorable encounters, this channel showcases the best of humanity and the animal kingdom, highlighting the importance of compassion, kindness, and dedication. With a wide range of species and scenarios, this channel is sure to delight and move audiences of all ages.
Inspiring and heartwarming animal stories from all around on the world.

On We Love Animals we love all animals! We share stories to promote kindness and compassion. We share videos of fascinating wildlife to show you their beauty and cute pets because what would we do without them. We show incredible transformations and celebrate the heroes that make them possible.

We talk to animal heroes that have dedicated their lives to animal welfare. We tell stories about rehabilitation, adoption, fostering, and rescue.

We Love Animals is a part of Newsner, a digital news platform.

We love animals! ❤️ 🐾