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The YouTube channel showcases a variety of content starring the lovable character, That Little Puff. Expect a mix of delightful experiments, heartwarming tales of friendship, festive celebrations, captivating arts and crafts, mesmerizing ASMR experiences, and memorable compilations. Join That Little Puff in a world full of wows and endless possibilities.
That Little Puff is the latest social media sensation with unique personalities and talents.
Puff’s earliest fans would’ve been drawn to Puff’s cooking skills, but more recent fans are just as likely to have been introduced to Puff through experiments with life hacks.
With over 60 million total followers, That Little Puff may be one of the most visible pet creators on the internet.

Puff’s kitchen adventures began when the 2020 lockdown happened.
His family gathered in the kitchen to cook meals and Little Puff just had to lend a paw. From those first moments, Puff knew he was meant to be a chef and he wanted to share his craft with the world.
A true social media star was born cooking his way into tens of millions of fans all over the world.