Search Operators

You can use search operators and punctuation to get more accurate search results.

Punctuation and symbols

Punctuation can refine your search, Attention some signs may be used alone, it can engendering query error

Symbol Use
" If you put quotation marks around a word or phrase, the results include only pages where these words appear in the same order. Use quotation marks if you want search for a word or an exact phrase. Otherwise, you could be excluding relevant search results
Exemple : "I am a great youtuber"
! If you put an exclamation point before a word or phrase, the results include only the items where the word does not appear.
Exemple : !minecraft
? A question mark matches any letter in your search
Exemple : qu?ck
* A star replaces zero or more letter Search
Exemple : br*
~ A tilde to search similar words, or spelled close
Exemple : gamer~
^ Use the ^ operator to boost a more apt term than another. The boost value default is 1, but can be a positive floating point number. The boost from 0 to 1 reduce the relevance of the research. For example, if we want to find all documents on foxes, but we are particularly interested in fast foxes:
Exemple : quick^2 fox

Search Operators

The search operators are terms that allow you to refine your search results.

Operator Use
AND Searches for items that contain all the terms.
Exemple : pokemon AND nintendo
OR Searches for items containing only a term of several.
Exemple : pokemon OR pikachu
NOT Searches for items that do not contain the term.
Exemple : NOT pikachu

Note :When using a search operator or punctuation, Do not add space between it and your request.

Complex searches

It is possible to perform complex searches using both operators and signs of pontuation

Exemple :
  • (gaming OR gamer) AND pikachu AND NOT "pokemon go"
    This request, look for items whose title is "gaming" or "gamer" and "pikachu" but not that does not contain "pokemon go"
  • ((gaming AND gamer) OR (drakofeu AND rondoudou) OR pikachu) AND NOT "pokemon go"
    This request, look for items whose title is "gaming" and "gamer" or "drakofeu" and "rondoudou" or "pikachu" but do not contain "pokemon go"
  • "pokemon go" pikachu^2
    This request, look for items whose title is "pokemon red", but we are more interested if the title contains "pikachu"
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