How to make a competitive analysis on YouTube

What do you get in Wizdeo Analytics that you don’t in YouTube Analytics?

  • Overall summary: a full overview of all your videos performances
  • Benchmark: compare your channels and your videos performances to those your competitors and friends, either as a group or individually
  • New KPIs to facilitate analysis: subscribers conversion ratio, engagement rate...
  • All your channel data available: Wizdeo Analytics keeps your data from the moment you tracked it, for example you’ll have access to ALL comments on your videos even those who disappeared (comments in csv)
  • Filter and sort on all your KPIs: easy navigation on all KPIs
  • Alerts: create your own personal alerts to be informed whenever something happens on your channel or on any channel that you are tracking.
  • How do you measure audience KPIs?

    Think that only views matter for channel performance? There are many more KPIs which allow you to measure channels or videos performance.

    Check audience engagement through:


    Past 30 days subscribers evolution in percentage


    Number of actions (likes, comments…) per thousand views

    Tips: engaging your audience is trickier than just growing views but more rewarding, since a satisfied viewer can convert into a subscriber and become a fan.

    Check popularity on contents or creators on all Wizdeo Analytics channels through:


    Allows apples-to-apples comparison of videos popularity


    Based on total subscribers, new subs last 30 days, number of views and views in last 30 days

    IMPORTANT: Wizdeo Analytics’ KPIs enable apples-to-apples comparisons between channels and between videos.
  • Who is competing with you on YouTube ?

    Wizdeo Analytics identifies all your competitors (creators and brands) for each of your channels in a country and a category ranking. It also generates 4 competitor ranking groups. You can then use these groups in all your Wizdeo Analytics to filter all your video or channel searches!


    To position your channel vs. WW competitors in your industry


    To position your channel toward your industry competitors from same country


    To understand which creator or brand channels are competing for your audience’s eyeballs

    Tips: get access to a more detailed benchmark for each group by clicking on the magnifying glass. Customize competitor groups by clicking on « customize » and add or delete channels. Use your reference groups to customize all your searches and benchmarks on Wizdeo Analytics!
  • What is your share of voice vs. your competitors ?

    The audience share of voice gives you an overview of your channels share of voice and those on your brand industry in the world. You can then compare certain metrics (views, views evolution…) with your main competitors on your industry.

    Tips: You can directly select competitors channels from the list by marking them, to have a more specific overview of their performances on the charts.
  • What are your competitors’ ad sponsored videos investments on YouTube ?

    Wizdeo Analytics allows you to detect & track paid media views, and sponsored videos created by your competitors.

    Paid views per brand: estimated paid views for each brand channel per quarter and this detects top advertisers on YouTube. You can filter the list of advertisers per category, country, language, topic, year to have a more targeted search.
    By clicking on one brand in the list, you will get the full detail of estimated paid views for each video campaign of the advertiser.
    Statistics on paid views are estimates and only take into account paid views made through trueview format (not reserved ads).

    Paid views per video: estimated paid views for each video of any channel, with details on start/end date of each paid view campaign. Gives you the highest volume campaigns on any channel.

    You can benchmark paid views on any two -or more- specific videos with the video ad campaign comparison tool, or any two specific brand channels with the paid media comparison per brand tool.

    Beyond paid media, brands frequently sponsor influencer videos as a means to get their message through by creating native content, posted either on the brand YouTube channel or on the influencer’s.

    The sponsored videos tool detects sponsored videos both on influencers’ channels, as well as on brands channels. You can filter results per country, category, channel groups -your competitor groups, for example-, number of views, number of subs per channel, upload date, etc..., in order to find most popular sponsored videos, most recent...

    In order to find sponsored videos from specific brands, the most efficient is to type in the keyword field the name of the brand, and to check all sponsored videos: sometimes, the influencer video has been sponsored or is affiliated to several brands, so the same video may appear several times.

  • How do you benchmark your SEO performance ?

    The SEO benchmark tool allows you to check your ranking vs. other brands on keywords relevant for your channel.

    Wizdeo Analytics shows you a list of the top keywords relevant to your channel, ranked by average monthly searches.

    For each of those top keywords, your channel’s ranking (best video on the keyword) is indicated, as well as your best competitor’s ranking for the keyword worldwide and in your country (first and second column).

    This allows to check how well you are doing on the main keywords of your channel.

    For more competitive SEO info, Wizdeo Analytics also shows you the ranking of channels with similar audience is well ranked on a specific keyword (third column).

  • How do you compare vs. a specific brand/competitor?

    You have in mind a specific competitor to which you want to compare yourself?

    The audience & subscribers comparison tool allows you to do so by selecting in Wizdeo Analytics a specific channel, video, playlist, videolist, group of channels.

    To better target your search, if, for example you have several videos with the same keywords, you can add a country and category filter. You can then add another channel, video... for comparison, with a limit of 5 elements.

    The charts will show you side-by-side graphs for views, subscribers, engagement and demography. The tool allows you to see the key differences between two competing channels: you can thus quickly understand how and also why a channel is better performing, for example by focusing on engagement for each channel.

    To focus on paid media comparison between different competitors or campaigns, you can use either the video ad campaign comparison tool or the paid media comparison per brand tool on a defined period of time: this specifically focuses, for trueview campaigns only, on paid & organic views for videos or channels.

  • How can I be alerted on a competitor’s performance or action ?

    The competitor alert tool allows you to detect automatically any channels or videos from whom some KPIs (views, subscribers, evolution, number of videos, engagement), in a given period of time, cross a threshold. The perimeter of scanned channels or videos can be set initially with a filter on channel groups, so that for example you detect only brand channels, or your competitors channels, or channels from a certain category of Youtubers.

    For example, you could put an alert on the beauty brand industry group to get notified on channels when there is big increase of views on any beauty brands channel. You could also put an alert on a brand product/service keyword on the sponsored videos list to get notified when a new sponsored video is published !

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