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Chocolate Shark! 🦈 This 7,5ft long and 150lbs 100% chocolate is one of my largest creation!

Published on Mon, Aug 15th 2022 Entertainment Rectangular HD

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Welcome to our delightful YouTube channel dedicated to exploring various forms of edible arts! Here, we present an array of fascinating videos spanning across diverse categories such as food carving, plating creations, desserts, and more – all beautifully captured and enhanced with accompanying audio selections. Our mission is to inspire curiosity and foster engagement around these amazing culinary innovations.
After eighteen years of devoting my life fully to the pastry industry I’ve decided to open my very first pastry school in Las Vegas:
Pastry Academy by Amaury Guichon!
I have spent the last six years traveling the world learning from different cultures and teaching high-level pastry skills, it was now time to do something great in the place I call home, Las Vegas. I want to put my life experience in the pastry industry to work for everyone else who would like to learn the fundamental and advanced skills of this beautiful craft with an intensive ten-week program covering all bases: pastry, plated dessert, chocolate, ice-cream, danish, bread, candy and chocolate showpieces. Starting from the beginning and going all the way to more advanced skills, you will have everything you need to start your sweet new career! I look forward to meeting you

For more information you can email us directly at the following address: