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LIVE | The Debbie Doo Show | Letter A | Learn The Alphabet Series!

Published on Sat, Apr 27th 2019 Education Rectangular HD This video was a live stream

Wow! We made it through our first couple of live streams with only a few minor technical issues, phew! In saying that we are back with our first ever live educational series. A big thank you to the parents, grandparents, teachers and carers who joined our last stream, your support is greatly appreciated. We genuinely hope you found a great deal of value in it. Over the next 26 approx 30 minute episodes we will be learning the alphabet together starting as you may have guessed with the letter A! Debbie Doo has structured each episode to be slow moving, instructional, clear and very interactive. Each episode will follow the same format and include how to write the letters in both upper and lower case, great for pre reading and writing and ESL students. All songs will support the letter A. Think a live music or parent/child class with Debbie Doo as the presenter. Use this weekly live stream to spend valuable time with your child while helping them learn important skills through song and dance. The formative years goes quickly. What they learn now and the time they spend with you will help them grow into the wonderful human beings they are born to be! Don't forget to type your child's name in the comments box for Debbie Doo to say a big hello too at the end of the show. So mark the date in your calendar and we'll see you all soon! Wonderful.

Debbie Doo, making learning fun! :)

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