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Discover the magic of village living | 10 Kg Poultry Turkey cooked on fire

Ajouté le mer. 30 août 2023 People et blogs Rectangular HD

Cooking a Huge Turkey weighing 10 kg stuffed with dolma from grape leaves! sometimes this dolma is called sarma in Turkey!
First, we make such turkey meat on a barbecue grill in the coals, and then we bake it in a brick oven! This is due to the fact that if we immediately bake raw meat in a brick oven wrapped in fargment and foil, then this meat will not be fried but will be boiled! and it's not tasty!
Try our cooking method, then you will know the taste of food! By the way, this method can be repeated with other types of meat!
Cook and eat healthy, Bon appetit!
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